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  • Sale! Elegant evening dress

    Elegant Evening Dress

    $220 $200

    Elegant evening dress, prom party dress, long evening dress, evening gowns, evening dress Elegant Evening Dress Since it is a formal gathering, a chic evening refers to a long, elegant and refined outfit for women. So, stop with this long evening dress for this occasion. Simplicity and beauty blend with it. Your chest is softly…

  • Sale! Evening dress with cape

    Evening Dress With Cape

    $280 $250

    An evening dress with cape is a gorgeous long prom mermaid dress Evening Dress With Cape Cape Dress is a great way to cover your shoulder or arms without wearing a jacket. We have a lot of formal dresses that have a dress cape that’s perfect for any special event.    

  • Sale! Ivory evening dress

    Ivory Evening Dress

    $170 $150

    Ivory evening dress, Ivory gorgeous dress, made of ivory stretch material Ivory Evening Dress Create a romantic night out look with an ivory colored dress Long ivy a-line designs are ideal for prom nights or other dances. Check our evening dress here

  • Sale! Kente Crop Top

    Kente Crop Top

    $80 $60

    Kente Crop Top is very good for all occasions. It can be worn as a crop top or regular top. This crop top is produced from premium Ultra Cotton Material. This fabric is of top grade and standard. The Kente African fabric is boldly colourful. Influential African kente print crop top with orange / green…

  • Sale! Maid of honour dress

    Maid Of Honour dress

    $170 $150

    Maid of honour dress, African clothing for women, African mermaid prom, wedding reception dress Such bridesmaid dresses are evidence that after a wedding day, a bridesmaid’s dress will actually be worn again. Give your honorable maid to wear a dress of the same style but different color and maybe length to look unique.

  • Sale! Maxi Ankara Jacket

    Maxi Ankara Jacket

    $170 $120

    Maxi Ankara Jacket has become a common piece in many trendy ladies’ wardrobes, Seeing how the Ankara African print can be used to build almost any style you can think of is really amazing. And as such. Materials Ankara Standard without Lining and Zipper Summary, Description Nice quality fabric from Ankara, It is made of…

  • Sale! mummy and daughter 2 pieces dress

    Mummy And Daughter 2 Pieces Dress

    $130 $110

    Mummy and daughter 2 pieces dress, Ankara clothing, African wax print, African attire, African wear, In reality, Mother and Daughter Ankara Styles is a brilliant idea and a trend today.  

  • Sale! Short sequin dress

    Short Sequin Dress

    $150 $120

    Short Sequin Dress are made up of small shiny discs that are sewn on clothes to decorate them Short Sequin Dress Wear a short sequin dress to a dance at high school to show the establishment who’s the belle of the ball. Sequin prom dresses are one of the most sought after styles by society…

  • Sale!

    Sleeveless Mermaid Gown

    $150 $120

    Sleeveless mermaid gown is a stunning mermaid/fishtail dress African fashion dress, outfit designed with Ankara Quality Printing paired with shoes are perfect if you want to achieve a chic professional look for work. Appropriate for: club night, drink, party, wedding, clubwear, dinner date

  • Sale! Traditional Bridal Dress

    Traditional Bridal Dress

    $270 $250

    Traditional Bridal Dress,  African wedding dresses all reintroduce elements that are traditional, colourful and elegant. Traditional Bridal Dress Whether it was opting instead of a conventional ballgown for a sublimely chic lace shift dress, displaying some whimsy in a mini pouf-sleeve mini

  • Sale! Wakanda Bomber Jacket

    Wakanda Bomber Jacket

    $90 $70

    Wakanda bomber jacket is a beautifully styled African bomber jacket that looks great and is simply cool! Against your skin, the cotton fabric with wax feels smooth and normal. Embellished Midi Jacket with African Design. Our sleek and sexy Midi stylish suit is a show stopper. This light jacket will keep you warm while still…

  • Sale! Wakanda women gown

    Wakanda Women Gown

    $150 $120

    Wakanda women gown pouf-gathered skirt makes any woman in this dress look royal. Couple the dress with your accessories design!  Materials Wax print, cotton Description This stunning African shift dress is made of high quality wax print fabric with chiffon fabric highlights as well. To make a confident point, the back is solid black.